VVIP Whitepaper



Members earn $VVIP by submitting their own stories and review about cities and destinations, -travel related topics, sharing the VVIP Loyalty program or introducing new partners.


VVIP's mission is to be the platform that connects travelers with the best travel-related information, tech solutions, and opportunities. The community will assist others, members and non-members alike, and own and shape the focus of the community. VVIP Loyalty will reward and incentivize members to share so that others can learn and add value to the VVIP ecosystem.

How it works

  • On the app, there will be a section to submit your ratings that will be shared along with the destination snapshot information. Every submission will earn VVIP.
  • Registered members can also interact with reviews by providing a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down. Every interaction will earn VVIP.
  • There will also be specific calls for different kinds of content, social media interactions, and introductions for utility partners worldwide for the VVIP token.

Content Topics

VVIP will cover all of the topics relevant to the travel token community on our various social media platforms and the Viageur blog:
  • travel destinations
  • safety considerations
  • travel innovation
  • travel opportunities for influencers
  • travel NFTs and DAOs

Content Ideas

  • Educational content (how-to guides, tutorials, web3 onboarding content);
  • Travel articles or community spotlights;
  • Opinion pieces or interviews;
  • Translation work on any already published pieces on VVIP

Partner Introductions

  • We are looking to add to the VVIP ecosystem a diverse pool of travel-related partners for our community.
  • We are looking for partners worldwide that fit into any of the following areas :
    • Transportation (airlines, car rental, rideshare)
    • Accommodation (vacation homes, hotels/resorts)
    • Food-related experiences (cooking, food immersion, retreats)
    • Retreats and immersion experiences
    • Outdoor and Adventure
    • In-Person Travel guides
  • Each introduction that leads to a successful partnership with lead to a bounty.
  • See deck for Partnership Deck

Submission Guidelines

  • For Content:
    • All content submissions must be submitted via this form.
    • The content work submitted must be authentic, that is, first rights of publication; as the author, you still retain 100% of the copyright.
    • We prefer to work with original content, but in certain circumstances, will consider syndicated or already published content.
    • If your piece has been previously published or will be published elsewhere in the future, please note that in the form.
    • Please also let us know before publishing original VVIP content elsewhere. We want to make sure that we get recognition along with the piece.
  • For Partners
    • All partner introductions must be submitted via this form.
    • When sending us an introduction, submissions without a specific person to contact will not be considered.


The VVIP Core team and Community Managers review submissions. We process all submissions in the order in which they are received. Please be patient as we work through each and all of them.


Join our Telegram and leave your questions.


Currently, the VVIP token holds no inherent value. It will launch with the sole use case of being used for governance and curation.
The Contributor program will have a budget of 10,000,000 VVIP and will cease when the budget is depleted. This will amount to 1% of the total supply of VVIP and 20% of the Growth Actions allocation.