Premium NFTs
A vital aspect of the VVIP program will be the Premium NFTs, a hallmark of the loyalty program.
Viageur and their partners will be looking to the Premium members as ambassadors to the VVIP brand. They will continuously provide rewards and incentives to these early supporters and boost their interaction with the VVIP ecosystem.
There will be no blackout dates and hurdles to cross. Hold the Premium NFT and 3000 VVIP tokens to gain access to the following:
  • Members can receive randomized travel drops, which are prizes that range from hotel stays to flight tickets to private retreats.
  • Receive benefits including up to 10% loyalty rewards giveback paid in VVIP
  • Receive up to an additional 5% discount when paying in full with VVIP
  • 1,000 governance votes on proposals
  • Partner additional airdrops and more.
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