Purpose of VVIP

For travelers, by maintaining their $VVIP membership status, they gain:

  • VVIP holders who are Viageur users will have a lifetime discount based on the amount of coin held
  • Discounts and member access to partner perks
  • Governance votes to give direction on Viageur's features, social good projects and other initiatives
  • Bounties for Contributors to earn more $VVIP
  • Receive reward givebacks paid in $VVIP
  • Use of $VVIP for payments in Viageur and receive up to an additional 5% discount when paying in full with VVIP
  • Exclusive access beyond any future users to new features for the Viageur app
  • Pre-sale access to Premium NFT and Point of Travel NFTs
  • Members also have the opportunity to receive randomized travel drops, which are prizes that range from hotel stays to flight tickets to private retreats.
  • Access to partner airdrops
  • For influencers and business owners:

  • New customers and supporters for your business
  • Gain instant feedback on your product and services
  • A portion of the $VVIP token available for your community
  • Trusted system to gain traction
  • Ability to receive micropayments
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