VVIP Whitepaper

Viageur - The Future’s Way of Travel

Smart Technology and Identity
Viageur has developed an innovative system of optimization algorithms, recommendation systems, learning agents, destination mining techniques, and data collection techniques that work together to generate a dynamic and personalized experience for any traveler.
The planning platform will be a dynamic and intuitive activity itinerary and shopping experience that offers a means to reduce the amount of information a traveler needs in their decision-making process. The platform will meet travelers' needs who both want a DIY approach but with an element of personalization at an affordable rate.
The final product will be a combination of providing an option of a personalized means of travel planning and travel shopping.
Safety Analysis - "Safety Shield"
Another key aspect of the travel planning will the Safety Shield analysis. After a traveler has selected a destination or activity, Viageur provides an analysis of the safety risk for a given activity. Our analysis will cover the following areas: COVID-19, crimes against the Body (regardless of gender), racial and LGTBQ+ incidents or crimes.
Full Spectrum of Payment Options
Travelers’ options are expanded with an offering to either pay with our native token, other cryptocurrencies, or traditional (fiat) currency. By offering a blockchain payment solution within our mobile app, travelers can benefit from lower transaction fees, blockchain verified reviews, and instant payments while providing the option of protecting a traveler’s privacy.
Decentralized One Stop Shop
Bringing more travelers to the Viageur planning platform will perfect their developing AI models to understand what a traveler seeks for a trip. After establishing the platform, the offering can expand to include accommodations, transportation, food excursions, and other travel-related activities/items through the platform.
Like Amazon and providing one-off or membership options, travelers will use the platform as a “one-stop-shop” to solve tedious travel planning problems.