VVIP Whitepaper

Project Roadmap

  • MVP Private release approximately 17,000 available activities listings
  • Development of Viageur Web App
  • VVIP Token Generation
Q1 2023
  • Development of Android Mobile App
  • Crime & Safety Feature v. 1
  • Discounts and Referral v. 1
Q2 2022
  • Release of VVIP Partners Collective
  • Tiffany Santiago Premium NFT Sale
Future Plans
  • Development of Schedule Optimization v. 1
  • Development of Viageur crypto wallet for login, payment, data and KYC
  • Geo Point of Travel NFT
  • Matched Travel Gear Marketplace
  • IRL Branded Events for Premium NFT Holders
Roadmap items listed above may be removed or additional items may be added and rearranged in response to changes in the market and taking into account feedback from the community.