Welcome to VVIP
Welcome to the VVIP Whitepaper.
Here you'll find everything you need to know about the Viageur product, the VVIP community, and our vision.


Purpose of VVIP
The VVIP community is aimed at being a self-sufficient ecosystem that connects travelers, influencers, and business owners together. In a trusted decentralized environment that provides information, rewards, and incentives across the board, the VVIP community will be the nexus and standard for merging travel and cryptocurrency.
The Viageur Mobile App
VVIP token is a sister product to the Viageur mobile app. As holders, the token becomes an access point for not only Viageur created incentives, but also Viageur’s partners. As the mobile app continues its development, the VVIP holders will be able to access and purchase exclusive Viageur services and its marketplace by using the VVIP token. As the Viageur team continues to build relationships with our partners, the utility of the token will expand to our partners as well.
Through the VVIP Tribe DAO, the VVIP community will look to support marginalized voices within the travel industry and destinations looking for social good assistance. The aim is to perpetuate a goal of amplifying the global majority's voice where it has not always been heard or respected.
Looking to the Future of DApps
Incorporating the token within the Viageur app is ensures that in the future of DApps, the app becomes more decentralized in several ways: protection of identity, trust and reliance on community-owned information, and free movement through using cryptocurrency.
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